Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer - that's a wrap

Some things that happened this summer:

We spent a lot of time with Roseanne...
... and Wayne!
Specifically, we spent a lot of time with Roseanne and Wayne in the boat.
We also played ladder ball.

Maryann and Cole were a team.

Cole was a really good shot...

... but Luke and I won the game.
Luke took advantage of some glass.

And Cole grabbed some air.

Rose strapped on the board.
Wayne taught me to love skiing. He's still got it.

I got my swerve on.

Maryann got a new wetsuit and immediately learned to drop a ski. Coincidence? I think not.
She was pretty excited about that development.

I was excited too.

Luke is excited because he is sitting beside the heater!

Cole was in charge of the tunes for most of the summer.

Good times.

Thanks guys - that was an unbelievable summer!

My first World Cup trip of 2012 gets underway in less than 100 days. Not long now...