Sunday, August 19, 2012

Edmonton Half Marathon

Today Paul and I ran in the Edmonton half marathon. This was a good race for me and I was able to push the pace all the way to the end.

Near the front of the group, just a few minutes before the start.
At the finish. I was able to make it in just under 1:30, crossing the line in 1:29:53. It doesn't get much closer than that.
Paul just about to finish. Not his best day, but there will be others.
Finished. I kind of like this picture.
Today was an interesting race. For me, it was a good effort and my first half marathon on the road. I can safely say that I didn't leave any time on the course and I am very satisfied with the way things worked out. Sitting here right now, I can't remember my legs being this sore after a race in a very long time. So that was good.

It is a bummer, however, that Paul didn't have his best day. Typically, we are within seconds of each other in races like this and I can really only think of two other times when the time gap has been this significant: a triathlon in Sherwood Park where Paul was sick and a ski race at Mount Shark where his heart rate raced out of control. Other than that, it normally comes down to a sprint finish.

So, all in all a good day. A good run for me and Paul will be back to fight another day.

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