Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tour de Ski - update part 3

The rest of the pictures that I have.

The waxing cabins in Oberstdorf. Basically a big tent with compartments. Shared air is bad times due to all the powder.
The waxing cabins in Dobbiaco. Much better.
The stadium in Dobbiaco.
The trail goes right over top of the building. Fact.
The stadium at Val di Fiemme several hours before the race. Such a nice day.
The other end of the stadium. So much sunshine.
Just before the start of the women's hill climb. The big jacket was not necessary. Way too hot.
Bjorgen 800m from the top of the climb. Look at the way the people are standing - TV and pictures do this climb no justice. It is STEEP.
Therese Johaug 800m from the top. Paul and Jack - that one is for you.
Men's podium.

That's it folks... tomorrow we drive to Seiser Alm until the weekend. Apparently we have to be driven to the hotel in a snow cat. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow's destination. This will be ok... I guess...

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