Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seiser Alm

After the conclusion of the Tour de Ski, we headed to Seiser Alm (Italy). The team did some training and the staff did some recovering.

We had to take a snowcat up to the hotel. Very cool.

The view that greeted us upon arrival at the Alpen Hotel Panorama.

The lobby was pretty awesome and an awesome place to get some much needed recovery.

This guy was a cook at our hotel. He introduced himself one night when I was down in the garage working. That box you see on the table is a Christmas package from his mom, so we shared some baking.

Perfect morning.

Well, hello!

There was a pool.

I like hanging out at pools.

There was a dessert bar. I like Italian desserts.

One last look at the mountains before heading to Milano.

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