Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Birkies

As promised, here is the rest of the update from the previous post.

Upon arriving home from Sweden, it was back to work for a few days and then straight into Birkie Week here in Edmonton. If you are not familiar with the Birkie legend (and associated Birkie fever) you can check out some additional info here - legend info; fever info.

The Canadian Birkie
Conditions for the Canadian Birkie were ideal with warm air temperatures and rocket fast, glazed tracks. Klister was the order of the day and our solution was as follows:

Base - Swix LF4 (huge ups to Will and Tyla for laying down nearly all of the base work)

Race paraffin - Solda F31 Violet (despite the warm temperatures, this was killing everything else as a result of the ultra transformed snow)

Powder - Swix FC78

Top Coat - Ski*Go C44 solid (hand corked)

Structure - Holmenkol cross tool (both drums in)

Kickwax binder - Guru green klister, ultra thin

Kickwax - Guru Extreme klister / Rode Fast Violet klister, mixed 50/50

Ultimately, if Fast Trax didn't make your race skis, they weren't as fast as they could have been. I have quantifiable evidence that this is the case. Fact.

The American Birkie

Earlier this week I headed to Hayward, WI to do ski service at the American Birkie. Guys, I hate to say it, but their version of the race destroys ours. Smoother organization, a killer expo that the ski companies actually attend, live coverage of the race as it unfolds on the radio, and ten times (literally) as many participants.

Conditions for this Birkie were very different than the Canadian edition. Temperatures were in the -20 range with a fine layer of new snow.

Base - Ski*Go LF graphite

Race paraffin - Holemnkol Matrix Black/Blue

Powder - Holmenkol mid/mid 02, mixed 70/30

Top Coat - Ski*Go C105 solid (hand corked)

Kickwax binder - Guru green klister, ultra thin

Once again, I'm confident that the skis were ridiculous. Actually, based on the number of beers people bought as at the after party, I'd say there is no possible way they weren't fantastic. Overall, a great trip. 

One of the coolest things about the American Birkie is the fact that it finishes on the main street of Hayward. Yup, they groom right into town - so cool. Also, the crowds are out of control and line the entire street (both sides) four people deep. Such huge support for the Birkie here.
Our accommodations for the weekend - not a military hostel!
Nope, not a military hostel at all.

Finally you are all up to speed as to what has gone on. From here I head back on the road with the AWCA to take in the Sharkfest Alberta Cups (Canmore), Canadian Nationals (Canmore), and the US Super Tour finals (Sun Valley, ID).

Patrick, Madeleine, and Jack - Team Fast Trax at the Olympics. This is what all the work is for.

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