Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Begins

Last night Lorris and I spent some time going through our wax boxes to take stock of what was there and replenish things that we used up last year. We leave for the first set of races in just eleven days and we have some significant plans for world domination.

Here are some of the tools we use:

Solda S30 – This venerable product from Solda brands itself a base hardener. As a result, it works super well in cold conditions. Hilariously, it also works super well in almost every snow condition you can imagine. You need to have a container of this in your box. Test it in conjunction with the wax of the day and 90% of the time it’ll make your skis better.

Solda Powdes – We use specific wax in specific conditions so why most people use general powders boggles my mind. Solda makes four different powders tuned to specific conditions. I especially like HP05 for cold snow that is warming and HP06 on cold days.

Solda F15 Blue and F31 Violet – Fast wax for cold to medium snow. The temperature range is just a guideline. For most of Canada don’t worry about Solda Orange (the snow needs to be heavily transformed), F31 Violet will cover the vast majority of warmer conditions.

Solda F40 Red – For new fallen snow in warmer, high humidity conditions. Sweet.

Ski*Go Ultima – The only wax for silky, cold snow. Test this every time you’re in Canmore.

Ski*Go HF Blue – When the temperature is low and the humidity is rising, this is our go to wax.

It’s time for the big show.

Madeleine is ready.
Lorris is ready.
I’m ready.

Are you ready?!?

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